Support Mixed Marraiges

Mixed marriages: support initiative of PARC

Love is blind. The fact that mixed marriages happen is proof that the primary affinity between people is not based on colour! There are affinities which transcend colour eg. shared interests (hobbies; jobs; athletic activities; travel destinations; “spiritual” connections and activities etc.) Is your racial tolerance limited to material benefits, or does it include love?

A. Definition Problems

Our definition of “mixed” or “interracial” or "inte-" marriages is when people from differing racial or ethnic groups marry. Bearing in mind that “race” is also a controversial definition, because it is limited to being either “black” or “white”. For example, would a Chinese person be regarded as a “black” or a “white” person? An “interracial” marriage is a “mixed” marriage. Children born from an interracial union don’t earn a “new” race definition; they are undefined and are usually regarded as “mixed”. When children from “mixed” marriages get married, such unions are regarded as “mixed”. It is not humane to refer to a person as being “mixed”! By doing this you imply that he or she is a combination of some or other primary human origins and is not a “real” human being. We reject all of these politically contrived definitions!

B Aims:

  1. To protect the human dignity of people involved in “mixed” marriages.
  2. To inform and educate South African society at large about "mixed" marriages.
  3. To encourage society to embrace “mixed” unions as one of the illustrations of unconditional love.
  4. To affirm that children born of “mixed” marriages are in no way lesser human beings than those born of “conventional” unions.
  5. To attempt to diminish the prejudice which might stand in the way of a "mixed” love-affair being “upgraded” to a permanent union.
  6. To encourage respect for people’s choices, whatever those choices may be.
  7. To try to ensure that "inter-" relationships may be nurtured and perfected in an affirmative and supportive environment. Such relationships should be given the opportunity as naturally to proceed to marriage as in “conventional” unions.
  8. To highlight the hurt done to people involved in "mixed" marriages through defining them according to odious ideological race definitions.
  9. hat our people (all of them!) should feel safe and secure from demeaning racial prejudice through being regarded as South Africans first and foremost, not as members of some ideologically contrived ethnic or racial subset!

C. How can you help?

Make people more aware of mixed marriages and spread the above information about it.

D. Well-known people in South Africa in mixed marriages or intermarriages.

  1. Trevor Manuel ("Coloured") and Maria Ramos ("White").
  2. Allan Boesak ("Coloured") and Elna Boesak ("White").
  3. Tokyo Sexwale ("Black") and Judy Van Vuuren ("White").

* More will be added later as we progress.

E. Lesser-known people in South Africa in mixed marriages or intermarriages.

If you are in a mixed marriage and you support this initiative of PARC, to illustrate that mixed marriages can work in South Africa, please e-mail us your contact details (Name, address, cell nr.) and a photo of you and your partner and we will make contact with you.

* Updated later.

Mamas&Papas - March 2012 issue

The Mamas&Papas Magazine published a few articles on cultural diversity in a New South Africa. This magazine deals with family matters. The main question they ask in their 2012 March issue is: "What if your multiracial child doesn't fit into the traditional 4 race blocks?" To support their research debates, PARC's views was quoted in one of the articles.

* Download this article from the dowloads page / no.12.