Management Committee / Bestuurskomitee

Glen Snyman
Leader and Chairperson: Glen Snyman
Cell: 072 342 4926
"Right is always right even if nobody does it, and wrong is always wrong even if everybody does it."
Jolan Carelse
Secretary: Jolan Carelse
"Don't judge a person (book) by his/her (its) skin colour (cover)."
Abraham Hendricks
Treasurer:  Abraham Hendriks
Mzandike Dibela
Blind people's representative: Mr Mzandile Dibela
School principal of: iLitha School for the Blind,George.
Blind for the last 60 years.
"Race is a sin. All blind people have the same race. Racism is a disability within a person's heart. All South Africans need to become blind in order to see other people for the person they are. This will combat racism in society. It is all about what is in your head and in your heart."
Children from inter-ethnic unions representative: Vacant
James Cupido
Additional member: James Cupido
George Wheeler
Additional Member: George Wheeler
Sandra Laing
Supporter: Sandra Laing

Mrs Laing was three times race classified (Black, White and Coloured) in her lifetime under South Africa's Apartheid Law, the Population Registration Act. "What race is she today according to the government?"