Join the fight against race classification


Who we are

People Against Race Classification (PARC) is civil rights activist group (burgerregte aktiviste groep), politically non-aligned. We are people that oppose the official referencing and classification of the South African population in terms of: "Black", "Coloured", "Indian" and "White". These classifications were a cornerstone of the system of apartheid. (We are supposed to be living in a new era now!) This organisation was founded: 1 October 2010.

What is an Activist? An activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is usually not motivated by a need for power, or money, or fame, but in fact driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness – so much so that he or she is compelled by some internal moral engine to act to make it better.

Our aim

  1. To fight, and terminate, any form of race classification.
  2. To encourage non-racism amongst all people.
This will be done through litigation and demonstrations, education and reconciliation.

The cornerstone of Apartheid.

The three cornerstones of Apartheid [(1) the Population Registration Act of 1950, (2) the Group Areas Act of 1950, and (3) the Immorality Act of 1957] were rightfully SCRAPPED in 1991 (by the South African parliament). We believe, therefore, that it is unconstitutional to bring any of these ACTS back as part of the Post Apartheid Era. The fact that the Population Registration Act of 1950 was SCRAPPED, give job-recruitment officers, government, or private organisations, no legal right to classify any South African citizen by race! What criteria are being used by the present government to determine the race of a South African citizen? The use of race classification (in spite of the fact that the relevant Act was scrapped) to facilitate the implementation of the Employment Equity Act (on e.g. its Z83 forms), in applications for state jobs, should be challenged in the Constitutional Court of South Africa! It seems to us, however, that although everyone is in favour of a society free of racial categorisation, this ideal is speedily abandoned when (as often occurs) material interest (job opportunities, promotions, land, government handouts, etc.) becomes a major consideration.

South Africa belongs to all its people

We call on all South Africans to support us in driving this campaign! Let us “PARC” the race card . We will take all steps, including legal ones, to rid South Africa of this scourge, that has once again led to discrimination against those who do not meet the preferred criteria of the present government. Race thinking causes division, arrogance, stereotyping, and hatred amongst people. Generalisation is wrong, because both good and bad people can be found in all groups. We should work towards reconciliation, unity, harmony and respect towards each other in our communities. Discern the PERSON! Be COLOUR-BLIND! Is not the most important classification that we are all South Africans!?

Right is always right even if nobody does it. Wrong is always wrong even if everybody does it.

How can you help?

As a protest against race classification criteria, we ask you to tick the “African/Black” block on all forms that require it. By doing this the government cannot determine whom to benefit and whom to discriminate against. If we keep the status quo whereby each and everyone fills in his or her particular race block, nothing will change! Also, wear our PARC T-shirt with the following wording on it: I’m not a Coloured, Black, Indian or White person. I am a South African. If you support this initiative, please e-mail us at the following address: