We can define different types of identities: 
(1)  Personal identity (Heart, character, way of thinking)
(2)  Registration identity (Legal names, ID number, fingerprints, physical address)
(3)  Cultural identity (Language, religious believes, customs) 
* You choose what identity means for you. What the one person is comfortable with,
   the next person might not embrace. We need to respect each other's choices. 
Download the PARC self-identification chart and see where you fit in: 

Name            :   Glen A. Snyman
Nationality    :   South African
Ethnicity        :   Khoikhoi / South African modern
Race              :   South African
Religion         :   Christian – God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
Culture          :   Christianity / Afrikaner / Khoikhoi modern
Residence     :   Oudtshoorn, Western Cape
Job                :   School teacher
Leadership    :   Leader of PARC  (Nothing else)
Cultural language  :    Khoekhoegowab
(Certain Black people and White people use to say I don’t have a language; egg in your face, I do have and I can speak and write it a little bit. There is a difference between “do not have a language” and “cannot speak the language”. Because you cannot speak it, does not mean that you do not have it or it does not exist.)
Communication language :   Afrikaans, English
Preferred titles          :   Mr Snyman, Mr Glen or brother Glen (br. Glen), or Glen.
Associated                  :   Church – Assembly of God
organisations                  Educator’s union – NAPTOSA
                                        Civil rights movement – FINSA: First Indigenous Nation 
                                                                                         South Africa
Favourite animal         :   Ostrich
Favourite flower         :    Roses

Favourite books          :    In pursuit of purpose - Myles Monroe (and all his books), 
                                          The 7 habits of highly effective people - Stephen Covey
                                          Peaks and Valleys - Spenser Johnson
                                          Animal farm - George Orwell
Best financial advice   :    Robert Kiyosaki's - Rich dad, poor dad - Youtube videos
                                          Dr Kent Hovind -  4 best Godly ways to spend your time
                                                                      and money. 
Admired places            :   Cango Caves, Tsitsikamma Park, Table mountain
Clothing                        :   Modern, the current fashion

Hobbies                        :   Jigsaw puzzles, rubiks cubes, mathematics, chess, 
                                         quattro chess, computer programming, reading, writing,
                                         inventing things, playing guitar, gardening.
Interests                      :   The bible, law, politics, culture, history, good movies,
                                         jogging, outdoor life, technology, libraries, bookshops.
                                         Break-dancing - see video.
First book written        :  Shangarian - Memory Training program - Nov 2001.
                                         The book and software program was developed by me to
                                         help a person with his/her memory capabilities.
                                         Download link for more info - Shangarian info.

Maths project               :  Inventing the Glencircarius Rule

I was busy studying 3Dimensional computer programming. I wanted to draw circles inside a cube. I created a computer program algorithm (or formula) for the circumference of a circle. The problem was with phi (π), that it doesn’t give you a specific number outcome. So I asked: Why, when you physically created a circle with a circumference of 1 meter, it could be accurately measured? But that same circle’s circumference can’t be calculated accurately when you use the formula: C = 2 π r.
I started to study and physically experiment with the measurements of a circle, and
this is the observations I concluded. I named the formula the Glencircarius Rule. 
I believe in God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and his spirit the Holy Spirit. I believe
in the bible.
Right is always right even if nobody does it and wrong is always wrong even if everybody does. I believe that everyone should work for themselves for what they
want in life and not just receive things for free.
I believe in excellence and perfection. That when ever you do something, do it to the best of your ability. Phillipians 4:8 - Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. 9. Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me - everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.
It is not just living that is important, but right living. And right living starts with right thinking.
Political hopes/beliefs  
I belief in a God-fearing government. The person at leadership should have God as
his king. He or she should be a “child of God” and his lifestyle should reflect this.
I belief in one Khoikhoi and San community. That they all should unite under one leadership. And that leadership (chiefs/kings) should be selected by means of voting like in a democratic and transparent government system.
That more people in South Africa learn to speak, read and write the Khoikhoi and San
language – Khoekhoegowab.
There is no need in a modern era, today, to follow tribal customs, but people are free
to do as they wish and believe. Just don't enforce your believes onto others.
Help the poor by not becoming one of them.
No poverty can withstand 12 hours of labour.
I belief one should enjoy life, live it to its fullest, serve God, love one another and just be very happy.
Land           :  In South African law, land legally belongs to  those who have  “Title
                      deed” (Akte) on the land or property.
                      The rest of the land belongs to the government.

Dislikes      :  Injustice, violence, crime, false teachings, people that doesn’t have
                       manners, jealous people, greediness, people that always want
                       things for free in life and not work for it, drunkenness. 
                       Tribal rituals and clothes that do "funny" things.