(A) Tick "Black African" on the Z83 application forms for state jobs.
We encourage all South Africans that support this vision, from today, tick the
Black African block on any form that requires race classification information.
By doing this the government will not get its desired statistical information which
might only benefit a certain group (s).
The above paragraph (and heading) might sound contradictory. In case it is, let’s
spell out the whole thing more clearly. Where one has a personal and material
interest in the “proper” processing of a form(s), data will be provided in accordance
with present government requirements. In all other cases, as indicated above, data
required within the government’s race classification format will be withheld, will be wilfully falsified, in accordance with our policy of creative “deception”!
We encourage you to keep on doing this until the South African jurisdiction (law) has reach a point where it no longer requires you to classify yourself according to race.
(B) The National Census Count, October 10 to 31, 2011.

We ask every South African that supports this vision (of a non-racial South Africa)
to have themselves registered as “Black African”. The census forms contain a section
(Section A. Demographics. P.05 – Population Group), which will require you to
self-classify yourself according to race. If everyone ticks the “Black African” block, which everyone has the RIGHT to do, Statistics South Africa’s information on race
groupings will be inaccurate and worthless. By law, the census officer cannot alter
your choice, even if you are white or coloured and you had yourself registered as
“1- Black African”. Our message to the government is that it should cater equally for
everyone regarding job opportunities, as well as deliver quality services to all.
We count on everyone’s support in this regard.
(C) Myth: That Identity Number includes race specification.
There appears to be a widespread belief that one’s ID (identity number) includes, amongst the other data it enfolds, the specification of race. This belief, according to highly-placed personnel within the Department of Home Affairs, is completely false. These is no provision whatever for the indication of personal race group within a South African ID.
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