When you wear a PARC T-shirt you proclaim that:
 (1)  You don’t regard yourself as a member of a particular race group (Coloured,
        Black, Indian or White), as defined by the apartheid government in the past and
        the current government, but as a SOUTH AFRICAN.

 (2)   You don’t regard your fellow South African citizens as members of a particular
         racegroup (Coloured, Black, Indian or White), as defined by the apartheid
         government in the past and the current government, but as SOUTH AFRICANS

 (3)   You support the vision of PARC.

 (4)   You are committed to the reconciliation, and building of, a united South African

 (5)   This country belongs to You, as well as to ALL other South African citizens living
         in it.

(6)    That all men are created equal in the image of God, and belong to only one race,
         the HUMAN RACE.
 T-shirts cost: R170 per shirt (front print only).
                      R220 per shirt (front and back print).
 The design is printed on the T-shirt using the latest technology of direct to garment
 printing (DTG) and won't washout easily.
 It is a 100% cotton good quality shirt. Sales colour - only black.
 Email the following details to Chris Retief at: info@otcprinting.co.za.
 Alternatively you can contact him at cell nr: 082 443 4737.
 We are based in Oudtshoorn. We will post your T-shirt(s) to you where ever you
 are in the country!
 Order instructions:
  1. Email subject:      PARC T-shirt order - Name and Surname
  2. Total of T-shirts:  
  3. Size:  (Male style: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL) ; (Female cut: S, M, L, XL)
  4. Your postal address:
  5. Your contact number:
  6. Back print: YES or NO
  7. Postage option:  A - Standard postage: R70-00.
                                 B - Over night to nearest Post Office: R100-00.
 * When we receive your order, we will send you an invoice with the banking details.
    Please use your invoice nr. as reference. 
 * After you have made your payment, you must send us the proof of payment via
    email (info@otcprinting.co.za) or fax it to: 086 263 1243.
 * When your order has been posted, we will send the tracking number to you. 

(1 Jan. 2019: Clifton 4th Beach, Cape Town
  "You don't solve racism by slaughtering a sheep on a public beach. No! You
   solve racism through education. By changing your mind, heart, and attitude.
   Our PARC T-shirts is the way to go in spreading this important message.")

Our good quality T-shirts are made by:
T-shirts can also be ordered from: www.otcprinting.co.za.

Store location: Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn.

1. Street view - shop situated at the back

2. Entrance of shop