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(23) PARC - Die Hoorn, 26 March 2020. (Brief: Reaksie op David Piedt se artikels
(22) PARC - Die Hoorn, 28 November 2019. (Saak by Arbeidshof ingedien.pdf) (311KB)
(21) PARC - Die Burger, Hoorn en Oudtshoorn Courant 16, 17, 18 January 2019. 
                   (PARC visits Clifton 4th Beach 1 Jan2019.pdf) (364KB)

(20)  RSG Radio Interview: 6 November 2018, 8h00-9h00 am.
         Praat Saam: Die verhouding tussen werkloosheid en
                              rasseklassifikasie.                   (Size: 42.7MB, Format: Mp3)
         Hostess :  Lynette Francis
         Guests   : Christo Van der Rheede (AgriSA)
                       : Christi Van der Westhuizen (Prof, Sociology Pretoria University)  
(19)  SAfm Radio Interview: 10 October 2018, 21h00-21h30.
         The view point: Has racial classification helped or hindered SA's 
                                   non-racial project? (PARC SAFM Interview) (Size: 35.5MB, Mp3)
         Host    : Ashraf Garda 
         Guests: Gabriel Crouse (from the Institute of Race Relations SA)
                      Glen Snyman

(18) PARC - Die Hoorn 5 June 2014, Oudtshoorn Courant 6 June 2014, 
                   George Herold 12 June 2014. (Helen Zille ondersteun PARC) (3MB)
(17) PARC - Die Hoorn, 11 April 2013. (PARC berispe UK-blad) (890 KB)
(16) PARC - Die Hoorn, 8 November 2012. (PARC verwerp nuwe sensusuitslae) (1MB)
(15) PARC - City Press, 28 October 2012. (Are we lost in the race maze?) (90KB) 
(14) PARC - Oudtshoorn Courant, 7 September 2012. (Professor prys PARC) (42KB)
(13) PARC - Die Hoorn, 30 August 2012. (Tree op teen rasseklassifikasie) (169KB) 
(12) PARC -  The Mamas&Papas Magazine published a few articles on cultural diversity
                    in a New South Africa. This magazine deals with family matters. The main
                    question they ask in their 2012 March issue is: "What if your
                    multiracial child doesn't fit into the traditional 4 race blocks?" 
                    To support their research debates, PARC's views was quoted in one of
                    the articles. Read more: (Size: 9MB
(11)  RSG Radio Interview: 1 November 2011, 8h00-9h00 am.
         Praat Saam: Wat vul jy op die vorms in? (Size: 30MB, Format: Mp3)
         Hostess: Lynette Francis 
         Guest: Glen Snyman
(10) PARC - Oudtshoorn Courant, 28 October 2011 (Front cover publication)
                   (Doen weg met ras)  
(9)  PARC - Rapport, 9 October 2011.(Groep mor oor ras steeds gevra word in sensus) 
(8)  EdenFM Radio Interview: 5 October 2011, 8h00-9h00 am.
       Host: Morne Pietersen
       (a) Dr. Danny Titus (Voorsitter van Bruin Belange Inisiatief.)
       (b) Claude Appels (Senior Hoofman van Khoi-Khoi.)
       (c)  Glen Snyman (Sameroeper PARC)
             Onderwerp: Rasseklassifikasie en Identiteit in 'n nuwe Suid-Afrika.
             Wie en wat bepaal jou identiteit? ( Size: 48MB, Format: Mp3 )
(7) PARC -  Correspondence between PARC and the Human Rights Commission
                  regarding the use of unconstitutional race classification criteria by the
                  government. - 17 September 2011. ( Size: 216 KB ). 
(6) Article: Max Du Preez - (We are All coloured.)
(5) PARC - eNews interview 7 August 2011. 8Mb (MP4 format) (Right click on link to dl.)

(4) PARC - KaapRapport, 24 July 2011. (Advertensie) (Right click on link to download.)
(3) PARC - KaapRapport, 10 July 2011. (Veldtog sê regering is rasbehep met sensus.)
(2) PARC - Rapport, 28 May 2011. (Briewe kolom)