Our views:
(1)  The race criteria must be removed from the Affirmative Action policy.
(2)  Affirmative Action must not be enforced on people. It must not lead to minority 
      groups feeling  that they are no longer an integral part of the broader society,      
      that “Blacks” are the only beneficiaries of this policy (AA).
(3)  Weighing fairness against reality, we seek a better future for ALL South Africans
       and attempt to advance peace in our society.
(4)  People born in a post-apartheid era cannot be held responsible for what has
       happened in the past.
(5)  The critical criteria for the awarding of jobs should be competence and
      qualifications, not the colour of the applicant’s skin.
(6)  Affirmative Action must have a deadline date for the phasing out of the policy! 
(7)  We want to bring about a willing acceptance of the need for historical redress in
       the South African society. But on no account do we wish to see Affirmative Action
       policies themselves becoming forms of inverse racism.
(8) As an alternative to Affirmative Action, we suggest government uses a
      socio-economic barometer, to determine poverty levels in our society, and,
      accordingly, attempt to eliminate this poverty, thus providing relief for the poor
      and those in need. A poverty-barometer would benefit the majority of “Blacks”,
      “Coloureds” and “Indians” (the groups historically discriminated against), because
      poverty levels amongst them are currently the highest. It would also help the
      smaller and existing group of “poor Whites”. What the barometer also does is it
      identify “Blacks”, “Coloureds” and “Indians” who are currently wealthy, having
      improved their financial position substantially since 1994. For these people
      government assistance is unnecessary and would, indeed, be highly
(9) Many people support the idea that the policy of Affirmative Action be discontinued
      as a component of South African’s economic policies. Yet, some of them want the
      South African society, in its totality, still to be regarded as consisting of distinct
      race groups (“Blacks”, “Coloureds”, “Indians” and “Whites”). We, PARC, want any
      idea of race groupings removed from our culture COMPLETELY!
(10)The GOAL of our Court Order:
      To instruct that the gathering and compilation of race statistics, and the provision,
      on government or private forms, to facilitate the indication of such criteria, be
      henceforth disallowed, be juridically and summarily discontinued.